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Sep. 20th, 2006 @ 07:56 pm Help!!
Ok Halifax, I know theres at least ONE person out there that is perfect for what I need!

Heres the deal in a nut shell. I am a hairdresser...well, almost. I just have to go to the Association and do my exam to be licenced. Problem is I need a live model and I am starting to panic.

the person needs to have a uniform haircut, (or any cut longer than 6 inches that you are willing to loose a little) that means that the hair is the same length every where on your head, so kinda a layered look like this:
(sorry, its the only pic I could find that would describe it perfectly)

I will need you for October 10th. I will have to wrap your hair in perm rods (not actually perm it) and rollers and pin-curls, then do some fingerwaves (think Renee Zelweger in Chicago) a retouch color application (just with conditioner) and a shampoo, and a blow-dry/curling iron, plus cut one inch off into a uniform cut, all to be marked and graded.

There are NO age limits! (well, kinda...obvously, I cant do children) I will then offer you a free haircut of your choice, and maybe we can talk color, as I relize this is a big favor to ask! (I will get you to the association and home as well)

Please, please, please let me know! I really, really need to find someone. Ask around ok? I love you Halifax!!


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